eDiscovery Program Development

Legal Organizations require a quality infrastructure, one that balances costs and risk, internal and external resource usage and both one-time and systematic compliance issues. Additionally, to support a Legal Organization’s efforts and justify its decisions, that infrastructure must effectively value information, and offer reporting mechanisms to demonstrate achievement and to measure results.

Business Drivers

State and federal rules of civil procedure and emerging common law, as well as compliance issues within some industries impose significant costs on businesses whether engaged in litigation or not.

E-discovery has become a daily challenge for General Counsel, the CIO, the COO and the Risk Management Department, as well as for Outside Counsel. All face a choice of policies, procedures and technologies for insourcing (such as by using forensic software and employed staff) or outsourcing electronic discovery processing, management and review.  All have responsibility for proper preservation, sharing and management of electronic documents for a matter.

Assessments and Strategic Roadmap

Assessments are developed using in-depth interviews, review of existing documentation, surveys, day in the life observation and data collection. Results are summarized using a maturity model framework(s), combined with in-depth findings, anecdotal information and recommendations.

As part of the Assessment process, Eleventh Hour collects information that supports development of business goals, functional roles and responsibilities, internal capabilities, LPO, benefit metrics, and risk decisions that may impact  implementation plans.

The Strategic Roadmap offers recommendations for closing the gap between assessment findings and recommended practices by identifying specific projects to address each key area including people, process and technology as part of a time projected implementation program. Goals are framed in terms of benefit objectives, decision risks and proposed metrics for measuring success.

  • Business Economics
  • Policy and Process
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Service Offerings
  • Workflow Functionality
  • Talent & Resources
  • Standard Documentation & Processing Detail
  • Technology Platform
  • Information Management and Security
  • Reporting and Auditing
  • Education and Expertise

Engage Eleventh Hour to assist through implementation of the litigation support/ediscovery program as team lead.