Our portfolio demonstrates the range of projects that Eleventh Hour has collaborated with our customers on since our inception. While each of these projects pursues its own objectives, the unifying feature across these efforts is our innovative use of process, people and technologies as a single solutions force in delivering sustainable change and quality service.

Assessment and Road Mapping

Eleventh Hour Translates Insights into Action Plan

Successful strategy execution starts by understanding and interpreting business insights, and then translating those insights into actionable measures that can be used to build clientele, improve growth or manage performance.

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Communications and Change Management

Eleventh Hour Puts FUN into Communicating Change

Delivering a clear, cohesive message when the audience ranges from Baby Boomers to Next Geners is tough.  It is even tougher deliver a focused message if using new and modern technologies.

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Records and Information Management

Eleventh Hour Weeds Through Data to Find Most Relevant Info

How much time do you spend looking for that one bit of information?  What can be done to streamline information search – organization, Meta data, naming, and categorization, eliminating bad or irrelevant data.  You get the idea.

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Litigation Readiness

Eleventh Hour Delivers Focused Plan to Direct Discovery Response

Executing a well laid plan in time of crisis is what litigation readiness is all about.  This work focuses on creating a role-based approach that is also well documented so an organization and its people know who should react if they come under investigation or are sued in litigation.

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e-Discovery Process Automation

Eleventh Hour Focuses Workflow to Automate E-Discovery Process

Helping to preserve important documentation for clients subject to regulatory inquiry, internal investigation, business dispute or litigation is what e-discovery should be about.
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e-Discovery Response

Eleventh Hour Leads Discovery Team – 16 Days, 1.25 Million Documents, 2 Successful Productions

Developing action plans and putting tactical teams in play in response to discovery requests is a forte of Eleventh Hour.  We have lead teams through every phase of discovery serving in both strategic, tactical and audit roles.

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