Company Info

Eleventh Hour is an information management and discovery consultancy.  We espouses forward thinking ideas to illuminate process driven or technology approaches to connect lawyers with sought after electronic information needed to defend or refute legal strategy.

  • Our interest is in litigation – understanding how the laws and rules apply
  • In process – how the work gets done, defensibly, efficiently and effectively, and
  • How to apply people and technology to legal work t achieve desired results

Our experiences lie at the intersection of law practice, and the management, form and function of information – how to govern it, how to organize it, how to find and preserve it, how to best collect, review, exchange and use it.

Our approach is driven by proper handling of information throughout its life-cycle, and good application of filters and lenses that help us to see the nature, value and relation of information pursuant to issues that matter.

Engagements reflect examination of, integration with or governance over information using transparent, demonstrable processes that courts espouse and accept.  We evaluate and integrate workflow and systems, and assist our customers with modeling and optimizing litigation service – insourcing, captives, and outsourcing.  Our project portfolio demonstrates over twenty years success in delivering integrated thoughtful solutions that matter.

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