Case Studies

Recent case studies demonstrating nature of work and positive impact we have on customer projects.


Who Executive Committee AM Law Firm
Customer Asked What is current e-Discovery landscape?  Is e-Discovery really a firm differentiator?  If yes, what would it take for our Firm to fully incorporate e-discovery as top-to-bottom expertise?
Project Objective Guide Executive Committee in understanding e-discovery marketplace.  Address the market overall, vendors, costs and service ; discuss business challenges and legal issues, best practices, e-discovery service models, workflow and technology, roles and responsibilities, vendor market – services, costs, capabilities, and nearest competitor’s approach.
Project Plan
  1. Conduct Market Research
  2. Conduct Competitor Research
  3. Conduct Firm and Customer Interviews – Benchmark Survey and Gap Analysis
  4. Prepare and Present Executive Presentation
  • e-Discovery Marketplace
  • Legal Issues and Trends
  • Best Practices from Case Law
  • Discovery Workflow
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Documentation
  • Economics of Litigation Support
    • Service Models
    • Jobs and Functions
    • Legal Technology
  • Vendor Market
  • Competitor Insights
Project  Hours 1 Month (160 Hours Billed)
Follow-on Projects Assist with Attorney and Staff e-Discovery Education and Practice Support Department Build
Customer Impact  “Understood e-discovery marketplace and service value after presentation.  Based on strong presentation Committee made the decision to move forward with implementation using Eleventh Hour’s expertise.”  Executive Director


Assessment & Road Map

Who Executive Committee Top 50 Firm
What Revitalize Practice Support department to meet future customer needs
Why Firm is legal industry leader, and Practice Support was not keeping pace with skills, trends or technologies lawyers desire and clients demand
  1. Assess current state and make recommendations for future state to better align with firm’s economics and key customer base.
  2. Prepare multi-year road map indicating how to revitalize Practice Support Department in 7 key areas – organization and talent, services and marketing, billing and time entry, capabilities and education, information management, vendor partnering, technology and systems.
  3. Present information to Executive Committee.
Project  Hours 4 Months (640 Hours Billed)
Customer Impact “Really got who our firm is and what we wanted to do with Practice Support.  Delivered an implementable  roadmap we are investing in now.”  Chair, Litigation Practice


Organization and Talent Development

Customer Shareholder Committee, Sub-Group for Talent Development
Realized Practice Support skills and expertise outdated, and not meeting lawyer or client demands
Desire Revitalize Practice Support organization as an outward facing, customer focused service group
How We Did It
  1. Address Current Organization and Talent Development Approach for Group
  2. Understand Lawyer and Client Skills/Expertise Demands
  3. Perform Gap Analysis – Assess Skills Capabilities of Existing Staff
  4. Recommend Realignment of Organizational Model to Meet Real Needs of Customers
  5. Re-brand Practice Support Group Services and Expertise
  6. Develop New Skills/Expertise Matrix
  7. Draft Job Descriptions
  8. Assist Firm with Augmenting/Hiring New Staff
  9. Develop Multi-Month Training Program to Update Skills and Expertise
  10. Secure First Year Funding for Training Program
  11. Outline Approach for Identifying and On-Boarding Talent Going Forward
  12. Develop Communications Plan to Update Customer-base on Revitalized Practice Services and Expertise
Project  Hours 6 Months (960 Hours Billed)
Customer Impact “Helped us not only find exceptional talent but also guided us in revitalizing the organization.  Team is now customer-focused, highly utilized and more billable than ever before.”  Litigation Partner


Communications and Change Management

Customer Knowledge and Records Management Initiatives Leader
What Develop Communications and Change Management Campaign for New Knowledge and Records Initiative
Why Introduce New Program Initiative and Team to Organization at Annual Meeting
  1. Develop 4-part overarching campaign – Executive Support, Introduction, Strategic Partnering, Technical and How To On Going Support
  2. Draft and deliver content and marketing vehicles for information
  • SharePoint site
  • Offsite Meeting Information
  • TV Monitors
  • Lunch and Learn
Project  Hours 2 Months (540 Hours Billed)
Customer Impact “Brilliant concept that really stuck.  Materials were clean, inspiring and well received.”  Global Head, Knowledge and Records Initiatives


Litigation Readiness

Who Executive Committee with Legal Oversight
What Update roles and responsibilities to better address e-discovery response, and educate team in how to deploy effectively
Why Committee recognized potentional risks and sought to address concerns
  1. Understand and document litigation profile of organization
  2. Interview legal department, IT and Records to understand current state workflow and technology usage
  3. Develop improved discovery workflow
  4. Outline new roles and responsibilities to align to workflow and tasks
  5. Work with legal team stakeholder to prepare draft e-discovery response plan, including new discovery workflow, roles and responsibilities
  6. Prepare draft response documentation, including legal hold and tracking information requirements
  7. Make technology recommendations to help automate e-discovery processes
  8. Present information to Executive Committee for approval.
Project  Hours 6 Months (1080 Hours)
Customer Impact “Our new workflow allows us to better respond to e-discovery requests and direct outside counsel.   Through automation of certain processes we are saving time and eliminating manual efforts on our part.  This was an unexpected plus that came out of this work.”  Associate General Counsel, Litigation


Legal Project Management

Who Shareholder of Project Initiative
What Help put initiative back on track
Why Require project management assistance to get initiative back on track
  1. Assess current state
  2. Outline plan to put initiative back on track
  3. Implement plan to see project through


Project  Hours 3 Months (168 Hours Billed)
Customer Impact “Once Alice got involved the initiative went green and stayed that way.”  Shareholder


e-Discovery Process Automation

Who Litigation Counsel
What Examine how best to automate key e-discovery processes
Why Spending too much time doing manual work; need automation to better track efforts and demonstrate work to courts
  1. Evaluate current work processes and document
  2. Identify key places to automate discovery workflow to reduce risk exposure
  3. Assist with evaluation and selection of legal hold technology
  4. Project manage vendor technology implementation and user training experience
Project  Hours 5 Months (835 Hours)
Customer Impact “Alice helped us realize the value in automating our legal hold process as a  key initiative.  She worked for us to get things running smoothly with the vendor.  Her efforts brought the project together.  Can’t say enough good things about her work.”  Litigation Counsel


e-Discovery Response

Who Discovery Counsel
What Respond to two Motions to Compel  in 16 days
Why Team argued two Motions to Compel and lost both, required to review and produce from 1.25 million documents within 16 days
  1. Worked with client to collect and move data from client to vendor
  2. Worked with vendor to staff up their team of data processors and to daisy chain enough servers to attain required output to meet review and production schedule
  3. Prepare tight review and production schedule
  4. Work with Discovery Counsel to staff reviewers for project – Tier 1, 2, and 3
  5. Manage and assign work to reviewers
  6. Manage work of vendor’s team – processing parameters, data updates, documentation, production creation and librarying, file format output and delivery schedule
  7. Audit project data for inconsistencies, anomalies or missed data
  8. Advise Counsel and Client of issues and make recommendations to keep project on-track
  9. Manage production process quality – finalization, QC, and delivery
  10. Project manage work and run post mortem with Discovery Counsel and Client
Project  Hours 25 Days (700 Hours Billed)
Customer Impact “You ROCK!  Could not have done this without you.” Discovery Counsel