Building a Data Center without Walls: Intelligent Networking for Litigation Support

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A very good article by Jim Morin dated 4/12/12, Building a Data Center without Walls_ The Need for Intelligent Networking — Enterprise Systems, with implications for Litigation Support and IT.

The article concludes that in order for cloud operation to provide on-demand, elastic, and measureable services (requirements necessary for litigation support to deliver services), will require new workload orchestration software. On-demand networking has been discussed for more than 10 years but has been difficult for carriers to deploy due to legacy billing and operations software. With the very nature of cloud services being on demand, service providers understand that the network will need to also have this operating characteristic, not just for bandwidth capacity but also for performance assurance.

Future data center architectures will federate everything — networks, applications, and physical locations. The resulting “Data Center without Walls” operating model for litigation support will give IT tremendous operational flexibility and agility to better respond and support business initiatives by transparently using both in-house and cloud-based resources. This virtual data center, connected with an intelligent network, will become a key piece of Litigation Support cloud strategy as enterprise looks to take advantage of the new opportunities cloud computing brings.

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