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Plan. Resource. Realize.

Alice E Burns has over twenty years experience in the legal industry.  She has worked worked for two AM Law firms in New York and Seattle in practice support and technology positions. For seven years, Alice owned a litigation consulting and data processing company handling some of the largest discovery projects across the country at that time.  Alice is a former Senior Manager with Baker Robbins & Company, a leading legal technology company.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University of New York, and possess other certificates and educational credentials in subjects of interest.  Alice has served on two Boards for the University of Washington related to Computer Forensics and Legal Project Management.

At Her Core Alice Is

A leader in legal management and technology consulting with more than two decades of experience helping law firms and corporate law departments plan for, implement and operationalize matters and projects that address law practice, support services, and information management use and records/evidence management.

An independent thinker with broad strategic and tactical expertise, Alice helps legal, records and IT work together with support professionals to achieve greater efficiency, speed change, and realize information reliability.

A versatile project manager, who designs, develops and implements sustainable initiatives to improve organizational effectiveness.  Achieves results through building partnerships with all levels (including c-level), defining and communicating plans, creative problem solving, coaching and mentoring, balanced negotiation, and focusing the customer. Foundation in legal and ediscovery with experience in facilitation, training, project management, and consulting.  Adept at navigating complex, high-pressure environments at project start up or putting projects in motion on track.

A subject matter expert who keeps up with industry trends and focuses on building the skills and capabilities required to sustain matter expertise in the field of choice, as well as an understanding of cross disciplines that impact or intersect with area of focus.

What You Get from Alice

Leadership for legal engagements as key player in defining scope and driving results.  Utilize project management methodologies and tools to facilitate and execute pricing, project management and process improvement.  Keen understanding of the level of project management rigor to apply to a given legal matter to ensure best results. Significant intuitive flexibility in the choice and application of various project and legal process management disciplines and tools depending on the type of engagement, and the real and acknowledged needs and appetite for change and improvement of the team.  Drive short term goals and take a long term view with regard to the successful adoption and acceptance of change desired by the organization as a whole.  Comfortable working with and leading teams of general counsel, c-leaders, partners, associates IT and other legal personnel.  Adept at navigating complex, high-pressure environments.


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